Great concepts

Equals 44.8% brand recognition in Sweden! We bring cool, sensible, and minimalistic design into the positioning of our brands from product, packaging, content, POS and throughout everything

Affordable access to quality​

Our products are carefully selected and designed to be affordable, reliable and trusted value-for-money IT products. This means; High functionality user-friendly designs at affordable prices.

High service-level​

We have long experience servicing B2B and retail markets offering extensive warranties (3 years, 5 years and lifetime for certain products) and great customer support for partners and end-users.

Safe and certified

Our products are certified with the highest international safety standard CE and regulators such as RoHS, Reach, EMC, RED certifications.

Agile and speed to market​

We are consumer-driven and spot-on: Fast-moving and ready with full assortment within focus mainstream trends, and we do this with ready-to-use manuals and material for +10 European countries.

Sustainable and socially responsible products ​

We care for the environment, for your security and wellbeing, and the world we leave behind for future generations. This is why we have initiated a the implementation of a 5-year sustainability plan.